Palms and Mountains Tennis Academy

Palms and Mountains Tennis Academy

Since the 90s, tennis has undergone a major change. One of the main reason being the technological advances that have benefited rackets and balls. The player for its part, has become over the years an athlete whose physical qualities have progressed through training methods more specific and individualized. The most effective rackets, balls faster , more athletic players , make the 21st century of tennis . Technical gestures in all its aspects , brings speed, control and strokes precisions. Players use (unknowingly ) a science called … THE BIOMECHANICS .The BIOMECHANICS is the study of” the concepts of mechanics applied to life sciences.”, So tennis biomechanvcs is essentially the mechanics tennis technique. Biomechanics is the subject of, worldwide and in many areas , advanced researches, performed by  specialistes of this movement, doctors, engineers, biologists and athletes. Coach for over 30 years and founder of the ” Palms & Mountains Tennis Academy “, I have observed numbers of professional players, and i was very fast interested in their technicals This now results in the establishment of a teaching method , inspired by the high-level tennis, and has been proven for many years with players that have come across  all over the world.My teaching method , developed under the knowledege of tennis biomechanics, with the collaboration of professional players , scientists INSEP and with the support of the French Tennis Federation , consists of various elements , that we’ll see on the court. The study of the motion of bodies with respect to time, displacement, velocity and speed or movement either in a straight line or in a rotary direction will be analyzed for all players concerned.

The « Initiation » program lies in an important work of acquiring basic techniques. It should permits you to trade strokes in the first week .

• The « Perfectionnement » program will allow you to erase your major technical faults to improve your groundstroke. This program includes a simple approach of tactical concepts.

The “Competition” program will help you strengthen your forehand, improve your backhand, to develop patterns of play in order to make more effective tennis competition. Appropriate mental preparation will teach you to manage stress, and also get the power, without any effort..