On this page all the necessary information to your trip and your internship: lodging, supervising, conditions of registration and payment, medical information. For questions about your trip, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will respond to your expectations for your experience to be exceptional.


Whether you choose a traditional training formula in France or abroad, “Summer Camps” or “Tournament Circuit”, differents accommodations conditions are possible. Camping, apart / hotel, guest house or in foster care, you will be in the best conditions possibly, perfectly safe and supervised 24h / 24. I personally made sure that the quality of institutions, the kindness and availability of families, with the view to the best price possible. Whatever your destination, you will be picked up upon arrival at the airport or train station, and framed during your stay (except if you are a child or adult hosted on your own). Depending on your choice, you may be in full board lodging or benefit only the lunch


Your child will be picked up upon at the airport on arrival or train station during his stay. During the day a graduate and passionate tennis coach will supervize on court and outside. Concerning the “discovery” or “multi-activity”formulas, a professional discipline take over. In the case of a formula with full board accommodation, meals will be taken to the place where you sleep or the club. Our coaches, all professionals, were chosen for their professionalism and skills. They will follow you throughout your stay in the best conditions. Unaccompanied children will be supervised 24/24.

The trip

Only the organization and the booking from your home to the internship center is under your responsibility. We handle students who choose full board lodging, from their arrival to the day of departure (Sunday to Saturday or Sunday


You must ensure that your child insurance  is valid during all the training duration, although it covers accidents on and off the tennis court, and also if necessary, disease and medical repatriation. A recent medical certificate attesting the ability to do sport is requiered has to be sent with your registration form and a copy of your insurance contract.


Online: Totally safe, easy to use, you can adjust your training online via PAY-PAL. create an account on the website: is fast. By Mail: It is possible to send us by mail your payment by cheque to Philippe ODETTI, absolutely attached to your registration. By bank transfer: On your request, bank details  IBAN will be communicated to complete your payment. Upon your arrival, subject to conditions for completing a pre-registration.


To guarantee a place in one of our traingins in France or abroad, we ask you to fill out the online registration form and send it back signed and accompanied by your payment. Your registration will be taken into account only if it was made at the latest one month before the training starting date chosen , and 2 months for every beginners formula  on August. Beyond this period (registration more than 2 months before the training), we ask you to pay 30% deposit on the total value of the training. The remaining must be paid one month before the arrival date. You will also have the opportunity to register at the last minute if the number space permits.

Registration form

You can complete your registration form click here