“LE CIRCUIT” (suspended in 2018)

This program is open to all competitors who wish to improve their ranking or get one first. The tours are organized in the Dauphiné-Savoie leagues and CBBL in July and August.

  • Level : Rank or non ranking.
  • 3 to 4 tournaments in 2 weeks.
  • With lodging or not.
  • 1 training session per day.
  • Follow up on each matchs.
  • Video analysis feed back with the player and delivery of a worksheet to do

Rates:   990 € (2 weeks on full on board and lodging)

             1300 € (3 weeks on full on board and lodging)


detailed informations

It is important to offer a minimum 2 weeks circuit. To get results the coach and the player must take time to get to know and to tame each other to create a trust climate.

Of course, a good technical level facilitates the progress and effectiveness of your game. Instead, we will focus primarily on tactical, physical and mental aspects. Exchange and share experiences with all the group member and the team could be interesting . Your coach will be there at any time to advise you, help you make the right choice and analyze your game in different ways. All day trains depending on your matchs programming schedules. The full board on lodging provided in camping or host family will depend of the players numbers and availability ….. Participants accommodated on their own or from the region can go home every night

Tennis camps d'été


This formula is the most motivated of you, whatever your level. This summer camp is only held in Alpe d’Huez in the months of July and August (and Easter under certain conditions in Marrakech and Alpe d’Huez).

  • All level.
  • 4h30 tennis on court by day (Monday to Friday)
  • 1 tournament in the academy on Saturday.
  • 4 players maximum by court.
  • 1 hour physical preparation by day.
  • Video analysis to correct your technique but also to work on tactical and comportamental aspect on training match ( everyday)
  • (Swimming pool – take a trip to the Mountain – Climbing wall – Archery – Golf Practice – Table Tennis – Mini Golf – soccer – Rink)

Tarifs :  899 € (1 week on full board and lodging ) 
              699 € (1 week external formula)


detailed informations

This is a full program of tennis training, physical preparation room, on the court, and mental work that will bring you confidence and you will face all stressful situations before or during a match. You can be accommodated with full board and framed 24h / 24, or you stay on your own. Arrivals and departures are on Sunday

Programme Type

Monday to Friday 

8.00 am- wake up 8.15 am breakfast 9.00-12.00 am tennis training 12.30 lunch 2 to 3.00 pm tennis training 4 to 5.00 pm physical conditionning 5 to7.00 pm Rest and supervised activities 7.30 pm back at the apartment 8 to 9.00 pm diner  9.30 curfew


8.00 am wake up 9 to 1.00 pm tournament 1.30 pm lunch afternoon free campers departure

Sunday Arrival and Departure